“All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world” writes Mr Murakami in Norwegian Wood. This is the sum and substance of the Fits in KORRA…and pretty much everything else that goes into making every pair of jeans!

We don’t strive for perfection…we make every pair to the best of our ability…single piece single tailor…who does all the 54 operations each time while making a pair.

No two pairs will ever be perfectly the same, they are not designed to be so. 

In a Typical Fit development process a muse is found that best represents the set of people for which the fit is being developed. A major setback to this argument is that no 2 people are alike! We got past this dilemma by not choosing a muse but actual wearers, i.e. we tested the fits on multiple people and listened to the feedback on how it fit them in the way they would normally wear a pair. This was time consuming but we felt that it would allow us to accommodate “imperfections” and not chase the elusive perfect fit.

Each wearer was asked the size of purchase, irrespective of actual measurements…as there is a sizeable gap between the two. Eg. A person with a waist measuring 36” would actually purchase and wear a size 32! Hence our size 32 should be able to fit a person actually measuring 36”, which on the surface looks impossible however it is supported by the inherent stretch nature of denim and an adjustment in the measurement specifications. The actual waist measurement in all our jeans is higher than the size by 1-1.5”, which allows for room at the waist for individual preferences.

The last step in the Fit development process was to edit every size in every fit. This step is a variant of typical Fit development, as standard grading rules are applied to patterns once a mid-point size pattern is approved. We did apply standard grading rules, but adjusted each size regardless of the grading rule to ensure that the fit was suiting the set of wearers of that size.

Ask any online buyer who does not buy jeans online and the single most popular reason for not doing so will be "I can't try on the Fit before buying". We have addressed this by introducing a Try-On @ Home or Office service,  wherein we bring the entire assortment of fits and sizes with a specialist to have the wearer try-on different pairs and choose what suits them the best.

This approach took us about 6 months to develop the KORRA fits and now we wait patiently for feedback once we go live….so that we can listen in to how you like KORRA fits and make the necessary adjustments to improve…as we are in no way close to perfect!

Below is a representation of our fits across sizes from 24" to 38".



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