"2900.? I can easily get a pair of levis for that sum... and it lasts for 4 gud years"...an early response to the launch of KORRA™ Jeans on facebook


We love this comment! as the source is awareness and personal experience...the choice-making tools...Today's post is to elaborate "Why is KORRA™ a conscious choice?", the Integral aspects and the Comparative view.



.Each pair of jeans is made from the start to finish by a single tailor. We believe that this significant departure from mass manufacturing is necessary to bring the user closer to the maker, and keeps the maker close to his craft. Each product made is marked with the tailor’s signature and numbered ensuring traceability. The integrity within products made in such a way translates into a feeling which is understood immediately and is beyond words.

.Environment and its sustainability are important to us. We choose natural or recycled raw materials with an emphasis on sourcing each element locally. This choice makes our products comfortable and beautiful, inside and out.

.KORRA™ products are useful everyday. The design, materials, processes and equipment make our products purposeful and durable. There is an assurance of quality end-to-end as each piece is made by a single individual who remains accountable for the full product.



.Value is often measured tangibly as the cost of making a product and intangibly as the perception of this cost, for which a user pays a certain price. The cost of making a pair of KORRA™ jeans is Rs 1682 and it is priced at 2900.



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  1. Daniel

    The point here is not just that the product is personal, it is a bespoke item, and it is made form higher quality raw materials. Assuming the design is good, then it means you get a pair fo jeans that fit better and last longer. With high quality jeans, really good ones like Korra produce, you expect ten, not four years. My pair of Korra jeans are over a year old, and showing very little wear and tear. The raw denim is only starting its fade and stretch journey. I expect them to start looking at their best in three more years. I would be binning my Levis at that point.

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