Every time a pair of KORRA™ jeans is sewn, 52 operations are carried out by each tailor, connecting 19 different parts in sequence, across 6 different types of sewing machines!

.Single-tailor-sewing is a clear departure from the widely practised assembly line manufacturing of jeans. When a tailor sews entirely from start to finish there is complete ownership and pride in every aspect of the make, imparting a higher level of attention for a superior product. During the course of sewing, this route naturally induces the tailor to review workmanship at every stage, resulting in 100% inspection and voiding the need for additional quality inspection by supervisors or auditors.

.Consumers rarely are connected to the source of their product as assembly line production makes it virtually impossible. However with a single tailor making the entire pair of jeans a consumer knows exactly who has made their product - each pair of KORRA™ jeans has the tailor's signature and is uniquely numbered, making it more dearer and personalized.

.#singletailorsewn is a conscious choice to explore the unlock within us. Each time a tailor moves from one machine to another, the rhythm of a singular operation yields to the resonance of 52 different steps! Each time a pair of KORRA™ is worn, there is a direct appreciation of the maker. This mutual dynamic, we believe, results in a powerful bond connecting the maker and the user.

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