KORRA™ Raw Selvedge

A pair of KORRA™ jeans begins it's journey as 19 parts cut from unwashed denim that are sewn together to give it shape. This pair is called a pair of Raw Jeans!


.The purest or perhaps the earliest state of a pair of jeans when it is ready to be worn is when it has been sewn, or when it is Raw. This is the closest manifestation of our brand - pure, unused, fresh and clean. Indigo inherently has a physical bond with the cotton fiber hence it is prone to being worn out with rubbing or friction, i.e. it Bleeds! With wear and time, the parts of the jean that are most exposed to friction wear out, leaving an imprint that reflects the wearers lifestyle. "Uniqueness" begins its journey with a pair of Raw Jeans.

.Raw Jeans inherently shrink when they are washed or come in contact with water. This property leads to users being more involved in the fit and size selection. Besides on wearing the jeans will ease out and relax and post wash they will shrink again, fitting closer to the body. This makes users more aware of their pair and reflect our brand KORRA™ - a conscious choice.


.In the 1800's denim fabric was woven on narrow width 31-32" shuttle looms and the edge of the fabric was sealed with the use of a continuous weft yarn, making a clean and secured self-edge or selvedge. A colored thread was introduced to perhaps mark the quality or sort of the fabric, that became a distinguishing feature. Denim woven in this traditional way with a self-edge is known as Selvedge Denim.

.Selvedge denim has a secured geometry and does not unravel. This makes the fabric more resilient and compact and hence more durable. Since it takes much longer to weave compared to modern weaving processes using air-jet looms and the fact that the fabric width is half of the commonly available 55-60" fabrics, the cost of selvedge denim in 2.5-3X. This makes it more "Premium" and the choice of quality jeans makers.

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