is A conscious choice.

By Makers, who practice their craft to make everyday products for all.
By Users, who connect to the source, the who & the how.

KORRA™ products are useful everyday. The design, materials, processes and equipment make our products purposeful and durable. There is an assurance of quality end-to-end as each piece is made by a single individual who remains accountable for the full product.

Environment and its sustainability are important to us. We choose natural or recycled raw materials with an emphasis on sourcing each element locally. This choice makes our products comfortable and beautiful, inside and out.

Each pair of jeans is made from the start to finish by a single tailor. We believe that this significant departure from mass manufacturing is necessary to bring the user closer to the maker, and keeps the maker close to his craft. Each product made is marked with the tailor’s signature and numbered ensuring traceability. The integrity within products made in such a way translates into a feeling which is understood immediately and is beyond words.



Shyam Sukhramani
Past experience in building the Dockers and Levi’s brands in India and Abroad, having worked in Levi Strauss & Company for over 17 years.

Himanshu Shani
Founded CellDSGN in 2003 and established the label 11.11 that retails from it’s own store and premier independent stores across Europe, US and Japan.

Mia Morikawa
Artist and Creative Director of 11.11, she joined the CellDSGN team in 2010.

Rajesh Jaju
Leading Apparel retailer and distributor in Delhi since 1992 who has established brands like Levi’s, Flying Machine, US Polo, Ed Hardy and Elle.