Guarantee for Jeans


for Jeans

We make each product with utmost care using durable materials. Although the likelihood of a defect is very low as each product is checked, we do not want our errors or omissions to come in the way of your use of our products. Hence we guarantee each product for a period of 6 months against any manufacturing defect. Shipping charges are not covered by this guarantee and will be charged in according to the ship-to address.

If we can’t repair the defect we will replace the product with an equivalent one.

On wearing for a while, the denim fabric will ease and give. After washing and drying it will become more compact. This is an intrinsic property of denim and it is this unique feature of jeans that make them the most comfortable piece of clothing, hence please do not regard this as a defect!


We love jeans and make them in a way that they have a long life. Normal wear does take it's toll and jeans might need some repair from time to time to extend their life, for which we offer care and repair plans. These will be available for selection on the product page and the charge gets automatically added to the invoice.

These extended wear plans are all inclusive of shipping (for Indian addresses only) and cost of repair, including any replacement of parts.

A) 1 Year Plan | Fee Rs 1000 | Limited to 2 repair visits
B) 2 Year Plan | Fee Rs 1500 | Limited to 4 repair visits

In case your pair is doing fine and has not visited the workshop during the period, there will be a store credit of 50% of the fee.

If we can't repair the damage then we will replace your pair with an equivalent new one. This is obviously subject to availability of raw materials and we cannot guarantee that the replacement will be in the exact same materials as the original. The replacement guarantee is void in case of stains or size modification.

Given the high cost of shipping overseas the care plan is being offered for Indian ship to addresses only.