M.PATMOS X KORRA Kiyomi Denim Jacket

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Rs 22,900

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Dark Indigo Denim

This stylish denim jacket is made from raw dark denim cut from mill reserves, stiff at first but softens and fades with age. Cropped to look cute with high waist pants and dresses, this feminine take on menswear offers a hidden inner pocket and luxe brass hardware. 

Fit Guide: 
Fits true to size, hem hits at mid-waist and sleeves are bracelet length.

Care Guide:
Dry clean green or wash with like colors using an eco-friendly detergent. Wash sparingly. Dry on low or hang dry. Steam press.

About our M.PATMOS collab: 
We are thrilled to present the M.PATMOS X KORRA denim essentials capsule!

Brooklyn based knitwear designer Marcia Patmos merges fashion with art, design, and a deep knowledge of manufacturing and production techniques, Marcia Patmos crafts a modern yet timeless clean luxury product. With her collections she creates garments intended to be worn for years, not single seasons. Her aim is to provide an elevated, easy-wearing wardrobe comprised of beautifully made clothing with just as much comfort as style.

"At M.PATMOS, manufacturing is personal. We make clothing that has a story and a person behind each lovingly made fiber, fabric and stitch. That story includes the combination of traditional techniques with modern technological innovations to create elegant and refined collection made by people earning a fair wage and working under safe labor conditions."