Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is selvedge denim?

Selvedge denim is a specialized denim fabric in which the edges of the textile are woven tightly in a crisscross pattern to prevent the fraying of loose ends. Known to be strong and highly durable, it is woven on narrow width shuttle looms that were traditionally used for weaving fabrics. A single weft yarn travels from one end of the fabric to the other, binding the warp yarns, creating a self-edge that does not unravel and making the weave structurally stable and compact.

Jeans made from selvedge denim have an atypical straight line silhouette with a busted side-seam. This distinctive signature is a mark of authenticity, quality and make which is revealed when your pair of jeans is turned up.

2. What is KORRA™’s return policy?

We accept returns if we are unable to satisfy your expectations.

Our returns period lasts up to 15 days from the time you receive the product. To be eligible for a return, your product must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Return shipping is chargeable if you would like a pick-up service from either a domestic or international location. The charge will vary depending on the ship-from address: in India this varies from ₹ 200 - ₹ 350 and internationally it varies from ₹ 3,000 - ₹ 4,000. In case you choose to return the product on your own, then please ship to our address and notify us via e-mail. You will find 'To Return' ship labels in every order you receive to make it easier for you to ship back to our address.

3. What is KORRA™’s exchange policy?

If the product shipped to you doesn't fit, we will replace your product for another size of your choice. Replacement products will be made on priority, and we will endeavor to ship them back earlier than our normal schedule. However, it might still take between 5 - 7 days. All for-exchange products related to sizing will attract a to and fro shipping charge from the ship-to address. The charge will vary depending on the ship-from address: in India this varies from ₹ 200 - ₹ 350 and internationally it varies from ₹ 3,000 - ₹ 4,000. Please check our return policy to initiate and be informed of the status of the exchange.

4. What is KORRA™’s refund policy?

To qualify for a refund, we request that you return the product to us within 15 days of receiving it. Read more about our returns policy here.

Once your returned product has been received and inspected, we will notify you over e-mail about the approval or rejection of your request for a refund. The refund amount will be lower than the invoice amount to accommodate taxes, bank charges and shipping. The amount will vary depending on the ship-to address and method of payment - this typically does not exceed 10% for domestic addresses. For international shipments, this can be as high as 50% of the invoice value.

If the return is approved, then we will process your refund and automatically apply it to your credit card or original method of payment within 7 days. The time taken for this refund to show up in your account depends on your bank or relevant service provider. In case of late or missing refund, please contact us at or on +91 11 4176 4176 (9:30 AM – 6 PM IST) and we will initiate an enquiry from our end.

5. How does KORRA™’s ‘Try on @ home’ service work?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit is made easy with our 'Try on @ home' service. Currently, this service is only available in the Delhi/NCR region, and attracts a non-refundable charge of ₹1,000.

Book a 'Try on @ home' session on our website by choosing a convenient date and time for our specialists to visit you. Our experts will call you 24 hours in advance to reconfirm the appointment. Following a confirmation of the appointment, a specialist will bring the relevant sizes and fits and help you select the perfect product for you after trying them on. To make the trial session more productive, let us know the size of jeans you normally wear and we will bring the suitable number of samples across our fits for trial. We also bring all fabric options for selection. There is no obligation to purchase!

This service is available on all days including holidays.

6. How do I take my measurements? Any guidelines?

To take accurate measurements, watch this video or follow the steps given below:

Step 1 | WAIST - Measure along the straight line of the waistband edge to edge and double

Step 2 | SEAT - Measure across edge to edge, 6 1/2" (Men) / 5 1/2" (Women) below the top of the front waistband and double

Step 3 | THIGH - Measure across edge to edge, 1" below the crotch point and double

Step 4 | LOWER THIGH - Measure across edge to edge, 6" below the crotch point and double

Step 5 | KNEE - Measure across edge to edge, 15" below the crotch point and double

Step 6 | CALF - Measure across edge to edge, 20" below the crotch point and double

Step 7 | BOTTOM - Measure along the straight line of the bottom edge to edge and double

Step 8 | INSEAM - Measure along the inside seam from the crotch point to the bottom

Step 9 | FRONT RISE - Measure along the fly from the crotch point to the top of the front waistband

Step 10 | BACK RISE - Measure along the seat seam from the crotch point to the top of the rear waistband

7. Do you have clothing that is ready for purchase?

KORRA™ creates products that are tailored to meet your specifications. We do not stock any ready-made products that are available for purchase.

8. How is custom-made clothing better than ready-made clothing?

Custom-made clothing is created keeping your body shape, specific measurements and needs in mind. The finished product is made exclusively for you with the promise of a perfect fit that is typically not available off-the-shelf. KORRA™ clothing is designed to accommodate a roomier top block and a straight line silhouette that is a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

9. Do KORRA™ products have specific wash and care requirements?

Every piece of clothing we make has instructions for care printed inside that serve as a guide for washing/drying. We recommend that you use your product as many times as you can before the first wash - the number of times is totally up to you! The longer you can go without washing your pair, the better. This is because impressions will start to show up on the denim depending on your body shape and usage, thereby personalizing the product.

When you do decide to wash your product, ensure that you wash it with cold water and inside out. Do not iron or bleach the product, and always air dry.

10. Does KORRA™ replace products which do not fit?

We do replace your product for another size of your choice. Read more about our exchange policy.

11. How does KORRA™ price its products?

We believe in providing complete transparency when it comes to the pricing of our products. To give you an insight into the different factors, here’s a cost breakdown for a pair of jeans that cost ₹ 3,900. To keep it simple, we have taken the average of certain variable costs as follows:

Prcing - KORRA

12. Are KORRA™ products backed by a guarantee?

Your pair of KORRA™ jeans is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect that will impair your ability to wear them for a period of 6 months. The guarantee is worldwide and covers the product only - shipping is charged based on the ship-to address.

If we can’t repair the defect we will replace the pair of jeans with another pair.

On wearing, the fabric will ease to suit your shape. After washing and drying, it will become more compact which is considered normal. An intrinsic characteristic of denim, this unique feature of jeans makes it the most comfortable piece of clothing so please do not mistake this for a defect!

We love jeans and want them to last forever, so we offer a KORRA™ Care Plan for a fee. You can read more about this service by clicking KORRA™ Care Plan while placing your order, and choosing your preference while making the product selection.

13. What is KORRA™’s shipping and delivery schedule?

We make each product after receiving your order and include it in the next working day’s queue. We estimate shipping your order 5-7 working days after your order has been placed.

Our delivery partners – FedEx for domestic and UPS for international – will endeavor to deliver your order within 3-5 days of leaving our workshop. Therefore, the total time to receive your order will vary between 9 -13 days

14. Does KORRA™ provide international delivery?

KORRA™ does provide international delivery through UPS – our logistics partner.